We are slowly but surely painting with broad brushes to complete the full experience of Gagnef 2018. Here are some first pieces of the puzzle:

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What could be a better tribute to a summer, art and music than a large sculpture by Michael Johansson? We can´t express enough how excited we are about GAGNEF 2018!

Michael Johansson deals with ordinary objects we all recognize, but in a way far from the ordinary. Driven by the agenda to densify the world, objects are morphed into contexts in which their functional qualities are put into opposition with their field of application. The newfound rigid order separates the objects from their usage, and invites us to a shared space where the familiar meets the unfamiliar.



As new Gagnef invests extra on art this summer, we are delighted that Fanitza Ignea contributes with a new exciting work to the park!

Fanitza is a Romanian / Swedish artist who works with painting and sculptural installations. Prefabricated parts are put in relation to natural materials. In his work, he explores esoteric techniques such as ritual and meditation. Various transformation processes that open up for ways of seeing. Ignea's expression is characterized by symbolism and aesthetically reduced compositions, visualizing correlations between the inner and outer. Above and below.



Gagnef is all about collaborations and about creating a magic place together with talented friends. This year we are very excited about our collaboration with Nomaд who will present a performative project at the festival.

Nomaд is an artist-run non-profit nomadic gallery based in Gothenburg, Sweden. They focus on contemporary art and music and support creation and development of artist-driven initiatives and practices which engages in contemporary issues. Nomaд believes that artists should be able to decide the trajectory of their own work – from making it to exhibiting it. The idea is to support artists to curate their work in the way they want to. Nomaд is run by Gunéll Föxx and Pontus Westerberg.

Olga Pedan's artistic practice takes its shape across a variety of mediums including video, photography, painting and textile. She was born in Kharkov, and lives and works in Somerset and Stockholm. She studied fine art at Goldsmiths College in London and Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main. She has recently participated in exhibitions at Issues, Stockholm; Drei, Cologne; Jochen Hempel, Berlin; Loyal, Stockholm; Montague, London; Dortmunder Kunstverein, Dortmund.
Zoe Barcza is an artist who paints with airbrushed acrylics and flat layers of vinyl paint, creating figurative yet surreal renderings of bodies and text. She was born in Toronto, lives in Stockholm, and studied at Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main. Recent presentations of her work include Bonny Poon, Paris (solo); I Am Our Common Pronoun, curated by Helga Christoffersen, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, and SALTS, Basel; In Extenso, Clermont-Ferrand (solo); Team Gallery, New York; Cooper Cole, Toronto; Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles (solo); Shoot the Lobster, New York (solo). In 2018 the artist will have solo shows at Bianca D’Alessandro, Copenhagen, and Croy Nielsen, Vienna.

Zoe and Olga will produce a mixed media sculpture inspired by contemporary culinary habits.


Vacation Forever is coming to Gagnef! The man behind the artists Vacation Forever, Zacharias Zachrison is a long time friend of Gagnef and has attended the festival as a guest for many years and also played there in other constellations. We are loving his solo project and the genre, Tropical Emo, that is his signum. The first two singles have been released, there is a new one coming up very soon and a mini album in July. Hopefully before Gagnef!


Spirituality and health are two keywords defining GAGNEF 2018. This is also what the artist Alice Håkansson wants to share with this year's festival. In two separate performances, the artist takes us on an interactive and bodily journey we won't forget!

In her artistic practice, Alice Håkansson manifests what it is like to be a body. It is an artistic work that challenges perceptions of identity, existence, and consciousness. Alice works with sculpture, installation, and performance, and uses bodily holistic treatment methods like craniosacral therapy in her art. This is a form of treatment that helps the mind to free itself from behaviors that limit the body and its ability to change. Alice examines what is happening within us by putting the self in relation to inner and outer circumstances as well as to other people.
https://www.instagram.com/alicedahater/ (Still from video, 2018.)


Watch out! The artist Tony Lorenzi is coming to the festival this summer to embellish and distort New Gagnef with his powerful language.

Tony Lorenzi's art has developed from graffiti and focuses on visual and conceptual presentations which often comment on current events in the society. Lorenzi works with various expressions like visual art, performance and video, primarily with references to popular culture and hip-hop, which influence and create conditions for how the idea can be executed. Tony wants to broaden the minds of the audience and point at weird elements in the everyday structure to create a discussion that can lead to new initiatives and change. Whether it leads to change or not, it is important for the artist himself that he has been working with and created attention around a particular question.
https://www.tonylorenzi.com/projects/4805858 - Photo: Pia Nordlander


This is a dream come true! Anna Von Hausswolff opening the festival on Thursday night so make sure you come early. Skankaloss have been long time fans of Anna and all her artistic work. Her latest album Dead Magic is for us pure magic and we can’t wait for the notes of her music roar over Dalälven!

REGGAE RAVE PRESENTS: Axel Boman, Superpitcher & Pedrodollar - "Don’t behave it’s reggae rave”

The guys from Studio Barnhus are long time friends of Gagnef and have played in different constellations throughout the years and it’s always memorable shows. Remember Axel Bomans afternoon set on amfin a few years back, or his song Nokturn that was made for a dance performance the same year. Or Kornel Kovacs jungleset 2 years ago.

This year Axel Boman and Pedrodollar are coming back with their friend Superpitcher, who besides his solo career is also part of the duo’s Patchanga Boys and Supermayer. Earlier this year Studio Barnhus put out the reggae release Sad But True under the pseudonym Richard Sadface and the idea of a reggae rave with this trio at Gagnef came to life. Enjoy


New Gagnef is filled with new art and with new energy! We are so happy that the awesome gang OUFF will come to Gagnef this summer and create a magical installation: a place to hang out.

OUFF is an art collective doing interdisciplinary site-specific works focusing on processes and on the shared experience. OUFF is literally the French translation of the interjection "phew", as well as the expression for crazy/awesome in Verlan, which is fou (crazy/awesome), backward. The word is also used as an expression when there are no words to describe an experience.

OUFF is Afrang Nordlöf Malekian, Diana Agunbiade-kolawole, Francine Agbodjalou, Andreas Nur, Cristian Quinteros Soto, Ehab Aljabi, Samuel Girma och Theresa Traore Dahlberg.


Crafted in Kinshasa, DRC, and brought together by production company La Belle Kinoise, KOKOKO! melds a group of punk-spirited local musicians with prolific French producer débruit. After building a recording studio together out of mattresses, wood and a ping pong table, the collaborators began exploring each other’s ideas, sounds, and cultural influences. What emerges is an urgent style embodying the notion that survival fuels creativity – a blend of self-designed instruments and forward-thinking production that hints at psychedelia, disco, and rugged post-punk.


We are very pleased to succeed in getting the artist Simon Mullan to Gagnef this summer, to create a visual experience in the park! German Simon Mullan, based in Berlin, is a multi-faceted artist who works with various expressions like performance, video, collage, sculpture and spatial installations in varied materials. His work consists of different collaborations, complex monumental structures and deconstructed images made of iconic garments and textiles. Mullan's art is painterlike, conceptual, ambiguous and rich in references to both working-class and obscure subcultures.
www.simonmullan.com - Photo: Julian Mullan


What´s in the egg? What about this nice Easter treat? One of the most requested artists of all time in the history of Gagnef will finally appear at The Festival: Daniel Norgren. One of Swedens most passionate voices, the man from Rude will soothe souls and make the dead feel the longing for life again. One of his few exclusive concerts with a full band this summer!


Happy Release day to Jenny Wilson! Her album Excorsism drops today! This is an important album so please listen to what she has to say! We are so proud to announce that she will be playing at Gagnef this year! It will be a midnight mass you will never forget!


Johannesburg performance art collective FAKA was established in 2015 by Fela Gucci and Desire Marea. The artists explore a combination of mediums ranging from sound, live performance, video and photography, to create an eclectic aesthetic with which they express their ideas about themes central to their experience as black queer bodies navigating the cis-hetero-topia of post-colonial Africa.

Faka will be part of a new vibrant club experience in Gagnef 2018


We are very proud that Roxy Farhat + Anusha Caroline Andersson, together as a powerful artist duo, will create a new site-specific work for Gagnef 2018!

Roxy Farhat is an artist and director who mainly works with video and performance. Her art has the capacity of visualizing racist and patriarchal structures within society, often with references to everyday life and popular culture. Roxy Farhat has a strong presence and creates situations which are difficult for the audience to avoid.

Anusha Caroline Andersson is a cultural worker who primarily has film and text as her medium. Anusha is the founder of the Historieberättarna - a storytelling project that works for human rights, democracy, solidarity and freedom of expression by making space for all voices to be heard.


Finally one of Ghanas strongest lighting stars King Ayisoba will make the long way to Gagnef. The master of Kologo, this extremely catchy two-stringed instrument, will play in the sunlight by Dalälven. This year he is on tour with a full band! Prepare for some crazy dancing.